Tony Robbins’ warning of the economic collapse

Update 3rd February 2012: Well it seems that Tony Robbins has taken down his own videos as you will see below. Maybe due to external pressures, or maybe as he felt he called this one incorrectly. Who knows?

Original article:

Do you remember Tony Robbins? In the 1980s and 1990s his adverts were always on television, selling us his videos on personal power, motivation and how to achieve financial success. He always seemed to be on stage, in front of an audience of thousands, leaping around with his radio microphone, whooping everyone up into a frenzied euphoria.


He is I think probably the most successful and most famous personal motivational coach, and also provides motivational training for people who are billionaires, US presidents, financial traders, business men and women, you name it. He has worked with the world’s movers and shakers for over two decades, and takes groups of them to glamourous locations around the world for two and three day workshops, to discuss not just how they can become more successful and motivated, but nowadays, how to protect their billions of assets in the new economic climate.

Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins), therefore, is quite possibly the world’s most positive and optimistic person, but even he has seen fit to produce what feels like an emergency podcast on Youtube, warning of an impending economic collapse. Obviously his video comes with plenty of caveats, such as do your own research, and this may not happen, but given his connections in the business world, it does suggest that this is going to happen in the next six months, or this autumn as Robbins suggests.

You can watch the videos below. I was alerted to them via this website, which has as its focus emphasis on economic collapse:

Even Tony Robbins Warns That An Economic Collapse is Coming

However, an alternative filter through which to watch them is through the filter of transition consciousness. Robbins talks about economic seasons, with the current economic season being Winter. At no time in this video does he mention nature, sustainability, or the fact that our economic lifestyles have resulted in us consuming far more natural resources than can be sustained.

Robbins talks about the need to have as our role models people who have made their millions out of economic collapse, such as Sir John Templeton who made his fortune by astute investments during World War 2. Robbins has an ability to reach millions of people, and has access to the leaders of the industrial-military complex the likes of which you and I will never have.

If only he could be talking about not the return to previous economic cycles, but about transition to a very different form of ecomony. We get a glimpse of this, when Robbins makes a comment about wealth being more than just money, about wealth being about the “social, psychological and spiritual too” but that was just one sentence in this 24 minute broadcast.

Watch it and make your own mind up:

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