Good Transition: A new series by The Guardian and WWF

This series of articles is well worth a look at it is an attempt to address a complex range of interrelated issues.

In partnership with WWF, Guardian Sustainable Business focusses on ‘good transition’. Most sustainability experts recognise that there will need to be fundamental change in the business and economic landscape if we are to avoid the potentially devastating impacts of climate change, loss of biodiversity, resource depletion etc. In the weeks ahead, we will focus on various components of the debate ranging from land use and ecosystem services to resource efficiency and the role of governments.

And in one of their first articles, they make the same point that this blog is making, regarding the transition of consciousness, or rather the lack of it in our political and business “leaders”.

This week the world’s business and political elite gather in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss the planet’s future. Although economic rivalries are always at the top of the agenda, in recent years the Davos meetings of the World Economic Forum have found a little time to discuss climate change. However, there is as yet no sign that most of those who attend really appreciate the significance of the ecology crisis and why it poses a threat to both business and politics as usual.

The conventional view of the world is that there is a choice to be made between the risk of systemic change and the relative safety of sticking with what we have now. However if we take the idea of sustainability seriously, we can see it is not like that. Current unsustainability means that the situation we are in cannot be continued, and will change. The choice is therefore not between what we have and making a risky transition to something different. The choice is between two different forms of transition.

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