Radioactive Transition, Right Here, Right Now

I have been following the story of Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors from the start, not via our main stream media but via our alternative media, especially Mike Rivero’s, which I have been reading for around 10 years now.

Mike is always adding his own observations to world stories, and this one in particular really hit home, given how there seems to be a strong possibility that Typhoon Songda will pass over the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant.

By now most people have come to understand that TEPCO and the government of Japan as well as the US media and government (goaded by General Electric, which designed the reactors) have been less than honest and forthcoming about the severity of this disaster.

While the admission that reactors 1, 2, & 3 melted down only came last week, it has now been admitted that Japan, the US and the IAEA knew the three reactors had melted down within the first few days after the tsunami, but decided not to inform the public. Instead, we got CNBC’s (owned by GE) Jim Cramer insisting this was not another Chernobyl while Ann Coulter cited a recently “statistically adjusted” radiation study from the 1950s to try to claim that radiation is actually good for people.

The FDA has stated (during a press conference with the Alaska Fishing Industry) that they will NOT test Pacific seafood for radiation while the EPA has admitted that their automated network of radiation monitors has not been producing accurate data (or in many cases no data at all) during the entire time of the crisis.

In short we are all being “mushroomed”; kept in the dark and fed on **** by the corporate media and the US Government.

So here is why Songda is a problem.

When the Typhoon hits the reactor complex at Fukushima, workers will have to cut back or halt their work on the reactors. This is a problem because the remains of reactors 1, 2, & 3 still require active intervention (water hoses) to keep their core temperatures down.

All the buildings at Fukushima are severely damaged. Building number four, which houses the spent fuel rod cooling pool with the largest number of rods is already visibly leaning to one side and could potentially collapse under the strain of typhoon winds.

The winds from the typhoon will stir up the accumulated radioactive debris from two months of uncontrolled fission and scatter it across the storm’s path. The rain will accelerate the spread of contamination into the Pacific ocean.

All of this will be minimized by the American media, because worrying about a generation of babies born with the serious birth defects that plaque the people near Chernobyl and returning US war veterans who handle depleted uranium munitions might get in the way of the holy war against the Arabs’ oil!

More to the point, unless the media can convince you all that eating radioactive food is good for you, then there isn’t enough safe food to feed all of Earth’s humans, between the loss of the Pacific to Fukushima, the loss of the Gulf of Mexico to British Petroleum, and the loss of farmlands to flood, industrial waste, mandated ethanol production, and the lower yields of genetically modified crops.

Sorry to be a buzz-kill on this holiday weekend, but I call them as I see them.

Mike has continually run stories regarding the lack of transparency from government officials and vested commercial interests, not just from Japan but from the United States and other countries. Here is just one example from The Intel Hub:

ALERT: Emergency Levels Of Japan Nuclear Radiation Found In Forecasts Censored From Public

For Mike, the disasters we have faced globally will severely impact on all countries, not just those in which the actual disasters occurred. So quite soon I feel, these will really begin to hit home, wherever home is.

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