Live blogging from the Strategy and Execution Summit 2011, São Paulo

I am here tonight at the Strategy Execution Summit 2011, putting together the final touches to the sustainability lounge which I am hosting.  I have been setting up a display of some of my artwork which is part of a display featuring quotes by Satish Kumar.  You can see some of the art and read the quotes on Transition Happiness). I have taken a photo but I may not be able to upload it tonight.

There is still a lot of work being finished off here, but the convention centre looks amazing.  It has plenty of plants, and many of the rooms have quite an airy, outdoor feel, and very organic, which is making me feel quite at home although we are in the heart of São Paulo.

The doors open tomorrow morning for the first day, which is where a number of workshops will be run.  The main summit will be held on Thursday and Friday, and again I will try and blog a few more photos.

I have to be up at 4am, something I am very delighted to be doing as I will be collecting Satish Kumar from the airport.  Satish is here giving the keynote speech on Friday, and I will be looking after him while he is here.

Please come back over the next few days to see how the summit is progressing.  I am also hoping to take a few videos as well, interviewing some of the speakers and delegates too.

The Teachings of Satish Kumar

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