Live blogging from the Strategy and Execution Summit, São Paulo, Day 1

Apologies for a short blog today but I have some technical gremlins today. Satish arrived very early this morning but in good spirits, and has been meeting many people here at the summit who have been looking forward to meeting him for many weeks and months. Also, we found out today that Satish appeared in another newspaper from Globo yesterday which was great.

The summit began with an explosive and energetic workshop by Ricardo Viana Vargas, along with Jarbas Guimarães from Symnetics, with Anderson, Daniel and Marcelo giving a parallel workshop on “White Space” – the creative power of the blank page.

Satish has been inundated with requests for interviews, and Maria has organised a number of meetings for him too this afternoon. I will attempt to add one or two more photos later tonight.

Overall though this summit has started with a real bang, delgates seem to be really energised and are networking with each other, and this is just day 1, with the main summit opening tomorrow morning.

Satish’s visit has generated a great deal of interest in the press. So far, he has been interviewed by Folha de São Paulo, O Estado de São Paulo, and Globo. Also this week Satish and Schumacher College featured in the Brazilian food magazine “Menu” in an article about Schmacher College’s philosophy of food.


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