Live blogging from the Strategy and Execution Summit, São Paulo, Day 2

This morning I will be accompanying Satish to Natura, who have invited Satish to meet many of their team there and where Satish will be giving one of his famous “fireside chats”. Last night Satish mentioned that in our technological age, we often no longer value beauty, and this will be quite interesting today since Natura is a cosmetics company, but one based on a deep reverence for nature and the need to support the communities from where the raw materials for their products are grown and produced.

Tonight sees the launch of the new book by Symnetics, O Atavisa da Estratégia, at the cocktail party hosted by Symnetics at the summit. Hopefully I will have enough time this afternoon to upload a few more photos from the event.

Due to a slight change of plan, I have now been asked to present at the conference tomorrow during the panel session, so will work on what I will be saying today too. I am a director of SBrasil, responsible for Education and Sustainability. This is not a typical directorship, in that I volunteer my free time when I can to SBrasil, who are a social enterprise. I sit on their advisory board, and also help out where I can with marketing and communications due to my corporate background and experience in product marketing and business development.

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