Humpback Whale Shows Amazing Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets

I am very interested in deep ecology, and when I teach deep ecology, I talk about having a deep connection with nature.  This deep connection does not just come through the thinking, logical, rational mind, but comes through one’s intuition, sensing and feeling faculties.  When you look at those great ecologists who founded the deep ecology movement, all have had deep encounters with nature.  Stephan Harding, author of Animate Earth – Science, Intuition and Gaia talks about the moment when a person is “Gaia-ed” – that moment when Gaia reveals a much deeper side to herself than the person had ever though existed.

This video is phenomenal instance of a deep encounter with nature – freeing a humpback whale from nets it had been caught up in and which could have killed it.  The whale for the next hour stays with the boat and those who helped her, and gives them a monumentally happy dance in thanks.

I just wonder if modern life is reducing the number of opportunities to have meaningful and deep encounters with nature like this one.  When you connection with nature is so deep, how can you then act in a way that harms nature? You can’t.

I hope you enjoy the video – I just absolutely loved it.

This really is a very amazing video indeed which I watched today.

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