Order and Chaos, Creativity and Innovation at ESPM

I very much enjoyed giving a lecture last night at ESPM (A Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing) in São Paulo last night to the business students of my dear friend and professor Camanho. We talked about many things; what complexity is, phenomenology, intuition, feeling and sensing, Newtonian physics and Goethe’s theory of colours, how science can both limit our thinking and yet also help us become more creative and innovative in business, the importance of real dialogue and relationship in business, and the current turning point Brazil now finds itself in at this hugely important moment in history.

This was just a one hour lecture which was an introduction to the realm of chaos and complexity, and how it can be applied to business. I use the term integral thinking to explain how we need to move away from our Newtonian concepts of the world in order to embrace not only new ways of thinking, but new ways of knowing the world, in order to really gain a deep insight and understanding of how the systems of nature work in their totality, in order to them be able to design truly sustainable and resilient business models and organisations.

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