A Mandelbrot zoom – fractals and human values

Mandelbrot Spiral: Wikipedia

I have a few ideas in progress, and I realise that I have not spoken much about fractals on this blog. I am developing some thoughts about human values and self-organisation, and how perhaps we need to think in terms of fractals and not Newtonian command-and-control models when applying human values in organisations.  I will write in depth when my thoughts are more coherent, as I am also trying to keep some additional thoughts about bifuractions and creativity in my mind as well.

But in the meantime, here is a fantastic Mandlebrot zoom to keep you happy. Play in high definition (720p – you will see the link in the bottom left hand corner of the video), in full screen mode and in the dark. Then you will be absolutely amazed.

I don’t know if you can feel the similarity, or intuit why I am adding this video, but maybe after having watched the fractal video, you may want to think about the similarities that you can see in them.


2 responses to “A Mandelbrot zoom – fractals and human values

    • That would make a really excellent PhD! Some people are looking at the fractal nature of consciousness itself, but that is something slightly different to what I am thinking about here.

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