Plants, Flow, Emergence and Life

The late Brian Goodwin was one of the founders of my MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College. I applied for the MSc in early 2009, and after being told that I had been accepted as a student on the course, I left my job to go travelling that summer, before starting my course that September. However, while on my travels I learnt of the sad passing of Brian, and I never had the chance to meet him.

Also, while on my course, many people at Schumacher College spoke fondly of Frank, who like me had done the MSc some years before me, but who also passed away before I too had a chance to meet him.

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Joinville and will be teaching a two-day course I call Integral Thinking to the MBA students there. This course is an introduction to holistic science and holistic thinking, and my aim is to introduce students to some very new ways of thinking, and to introduce them in particular to systems thinking, and natural systems, in order that they can better understand the concepts of chaos, complexity, and emergence, and how these concepts apply to business, innovation and creativity.

Next week I will be writing a review of this course, and will try and capture some of the many questions and conversations that will no doubt arise.  I will also try and describe the process of transition I will be taking the students through, and so this post may make a little more sense after you have read my next article! But I thought that as I do not have too much time this week to write, I decided to post these two videos of two very profound and deep thinkers, who have already been able to make their own transitions into a more integral way of thinking, knowing and connecting with the natural world, the world of which are a part of, and embedded within.

The late Frank Cook brilliantly describes the process of “flow” in plants in Dartington Devon in 2008. Research for the documentary ANIMATE EARTH produced by Angel TV in association with stories4change.

Eminent Biologist and holistic scientist Brian Goodwin describes the concept of the path of least resistance and emergence.

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