The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

I have had the most amazing time today in The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, designed by Charles Jencks and his late wife Maggie Keswick. I have already written one blog about it which you can read here.

The garden is the result of many years of dialogue between Charles, Maggie and many of the world’s leading thinkers, scientists and philosophers of chaos and complexity theory, biology, chemistry, quantum physics and cosmology, people like Lee Smolin, Paul Davies, Brian Goodwin, Stuart Kauffman, Brain Greene and many more.

I did have the opportunity to meet Charles, and exchange a few ideas with him. I told him that I teach chaos and complexity theory to business students, and that my Masters Degree was from Schumacher College, where Brian Goodwin had taught until his death in 2009. He knows the college well, and he had also met  Ernst Schumacher, author of Small is Beautiful who the college is named after.

The garden is only open for 5 hours on the first Sunday of each May, so it was with great luck that I happened to be in Dumfries this year to experience its magic and wonder. Here are some of the best photos I took. Enjoy : )

Strange Attractors

Fractal Path and Bridge

Spiral Mound

Black Hole

Fractal Bridge


DNA Garden

Cascading Universe

Bridge over the River Nith

Looking Across to the Comet Bridge


Statue under the Helix

Plants in the Time Garden

Looking down the Cascading Universe

10 responses to “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

  1. I love your blog post!! So interesting and amazing you got to meet him, I never even knew he was wandering about, wish we knew 🙂 p.s. loved your video too and thanks for liking my photos, what a great day it was xx Strawberry Anarchy xx

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    • Hi Juliet

      As far as I know you can not buy tickets in advance. When you go to the gardens you can park your car and then wait in line to go in. People arrive around 11 to get in at 12 to maximise their time there. I can not ever see a time when people would not be let in due to the gardens being too full, since not many people know about them and they are never that busy. This year I think the cost was £5 or £6 per adult but I don’t remember exactly.

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