The BCI Network: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation

I am delighted today to announce that I am now a member of BCI – Biomimicry for Creative Innovation. The philosophy of BCI is “Business inspired by nature”. It is a network of creative innovators, professional change agents, biologists and design professionals who work in creative collaboration with each other and its clients to apply ecological thinking for radical transformation.

For the past year I have been teaching business students about Nature’s design principles. These are summarised in the BCI diagram above showing how nature has evolved a set of ‘principles’ that allow organisms to follow these rules, live sustainably, and survive times of radical upheaval. Successful organisms in nature are resilient, optimising, adaptive, systems-based, values-based, and life-supporting.

The website of BCI where you can find out more and download its free Green Papers is

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The founder of BCI, Giles Hutchins, has recently published a book The Nature of Business which I recently reviewed.

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