Palestra Internacional: Discutindo Significado em um Mundo Complexo

I am utterly delighted to announce this latest lecture I will be giving on 8th November at Sustentare Business School in Joinville, Santa Catarina. The title is “Making Sense in a Complex World” (Discutindo Significado em um Mundo Complexo) and in it I will be investigating complexity, chaos and not only what this means for business strategy but also what this means for businesses in Brazil and the specific social, economic and political challenges specific to this emerging economy.

In preparing for this lecture I have written a couple of articles on Chaos and “Generation Flux” the term coined by Fast Company to describe the new generation of entrepreneurs who are developing new business models based on their perception of a world which is in chaos.

The Blind Spot of Generation Flux

What Can Generation Flux Learn From Starlings?

Of course, I do not see the world as chaotic, it is complex and therefore what I will be looking at is the role sensemaking, dialogue and meaning have to play in the development of strategy and the creation of innovative, sustainable and resilient enterprises.

In closing the lecture I will also be announcing an extremely exciting initiative between Sustentare and Schumacher College in the UK. We will be taking a group of students and participants from Sustentare to Schumacher College to take part in their module Enterprising Futures. I will be writing about this in the next day or two, but I will be discussing in this lecture how the most profound business teaching can no longer be simply in the classroom.

In order to really make sense of our complex world we need to spend time in an immersive learning environment and Schumacher College offers one of the most progressive environments in the world. If you are someone who is interested in gaining deep insights into the most up-to-date business thinking on sense making, complexity and chaos, I hope to see you at Sustentare on the 8th.

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