This article from my good friend Giles Hutchins comes with perfect timing. We have been discussing all these themes of the left and right brain, creativity and intuition at Sustentare Business School this week, and looking at what these new insights mean for businesses and organisations.

The Nature of Business

John Cleese, the famous comedian, often presents to business people about creativity and how to encourage more of it in today’s work place. John Cleese defines creativity as the ability to play, be childlike, explore ideas and be curious. We have two states of mind, he says, one that is ‘open’ and one that is ‘closed’:

Closed State: Active, impatient, pensive, very purposeful, not much humour, can get stressed – not creative but action-orientated.

Open State: Less purposeful, more inclined to humour, more playful, curiosity for its own sake, not under time pressure to get a specific thing done – more creative.

To be effective, he says, we need to switch between a state of mind that is ‘open’ and creative and ‘closed’ and focused.  The big challenge in today’s business environment John Cleese points to is that we often maintain tunnel vision when we need a wider view.


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