Slight interlude: Key Articles has been updated

Seeing as I have reached now 201 posts I thought I would update the Key Articles section, to help you find the most important articles on my blog. Here they are below, organised loosely by theme.


The Blind Spot of Generation Flux

Can Generation Flux Learn from Starlings?

Braziliance! Chaos and Complexity, Philosophy and Flux Through Brazilian Eyes – Reflections from Sustentare

Reflections on my two days at Sustentare Business School

Changing Mental Models of Complexity

On the Cutting Edge of Chaos – Chaos and Complexity, Creativity and Innovation in Business

Who’s Afraid of Complexity?

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Goethe and Henri Bortoft

Book Review Taking Appearance Seriously Henri Bortoft

Encountering Henri Bortoft

Why visionaries, design thinkers and business leaders need to study the history of science

Porque visionários, design thinkers e líderes de negócios precisam estudar a História da Ciência

Creative conversation: What can a £9 glass prism teach visionaries, design thinkers and game changers?

Blistering Barnacles! What I learned from reading Darwin

How many potatoes can you see?

Goethe’s Greatest Achievement

Dialogue on Leadership

Dialogue on Leadership: Luís Norberto Pascoal, President of DPaschoal

Dialogue on Leadership: Presidents who Practice Mindfulness – Two Amazing Examples from Brazil

Dialogue on Leadership: Rob Hopkins on the evolution of the Transition Towns Movement

Dialogue on Leadership: The Transition of Organisations in Brazil with Mônica Picavêa

Dialogue on Leadership: Discussing Complexity in the UK Construction Industry with Dr. Dimitris Antoniadis

The most important dialogue group in Latin America part one – Transition consciousness in action

The most important dialogue group in Latin America part two – Discussing sustainability

The most important dialogue group in Latin America part three – Re-cognition and the dynamics of thinking

Transition and Consciousness

Intuition, Paradigm Shifts and the Four Qualities of Knowing

The saying of what you meant to say – a deeper look at Storytelling

I’ll wash your mouth out with soap and water – literally


Brazil’s first forum on Bioeconomics

Discussing sustainability at the Strategy Execution Summit 2012, São Paulo, Brazil

Strategy Execution Summit 2011: Reflections on four days with Satish Kumar in São Paulo

Authentic and counterfeit wholes in São Paulo

Harmonia 57: São Paulo’s living, breathing eco building

Innovation, creativity, dialogue and trust: a recipe for success for Brazil

I never want to hear Brazil say sorry for their sport

The Revolutionary Music of Brazil

Developing self-esteem in school children in Brazil


A Day in The Life: Our Toxic Lives

The BCI Network: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation

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