Fundação Abrinq and Save the Children Awards Ceremony (Prêmio Criança 2012)

Fundação Abrinq are a Brazilian foundation set up twenty years ago by the Brazilian children’s games industry to protect children from abuse and violence and defend their rights of health and education. In partnership with Save the Children they host Brazil’s most important prize ceremony celebrating the very best projects across many different areas including education, protection, health and parenting.

Maria on stage with the prize winners

Maria on stage with the prize winners

Two hundred and two projects were originally nominated for the prize (of which there were four across four different categories) and these were whittled down to the top ten, all of whom were awarded a prize last night. The awards ceremony is not really about winning and losing though. Industry experts such as Maria give their free time to visit each project personally, and Maria visited three. Even though the majority of the projects do not win, one of the most valuable aspects is that the judges are able to use their time to provide very high level business advice to the projects which would otherwise be unavailable to them. For example Maria was able to discuss the use of indicators with her projects, suggesting how these can be an excellent way to monitor progress, use of resources and achievements.

Maria awards a prize to the president of AES Eletropaulo

Maria awards a prize to the president of AES Eletropaulo

One of the winning projects was Estação da Luz, a non-profit organisation which runs the Sathya Sai Programme in Education and Human Values. Maria has been taking part herself in this programme for the last two years, and I have previously written articles about Sathya Sai: their five core values, Maria teaching children self-esteem, and the relevance of their educational framework in business.

Estacao de luz

Hosting the awards ceremony was television comedian Oscar Filho, who provided much laughter to the evening’s proceedings.

Oscar Filho

Oscar Filho

Closing the event with a huge set was singer Daniela Mercury, accompanied by the orchestra Toca Zezinho e the drumming group Arrasta Lata.

Daniela Mercury has been an ambassador for UNICEF since 1995, and she is extremely passionate about Brazil, children, and improving conditions for everyone in this country.

Daniela Mercury on stage with Toca Zezinho and Arrasta Lata

Daniela Mercury on stage with Toca Zezinho and Arrasta Lata

In between songs Daniela talked a lot to the audience. She is from the north of Brazil, but now lives in São Paulo, a city she is desperate to see develop into one where people can cycle and walk freely, without choking from cars and pollution. For her São Paulo desperately lacks community spirit, a heart and soul.

She is also not afraid to criticise politicians. The problems she told us is that politicians should be working for the people of Brazil, but right now they have no boss. Powerful words. She would love to give offerings to the spirits of the nature and guardian spirits at the river side, but how could she when the two main rivers in São Paulo are dead rivers which smell desperately. It was not gods or spirits who had killed the rivers but people.

Daniela Mercury

Daniela Mercury

She is a singer with a powerful voice and a huge spirit, whose dancing and singing was intensified by the vibrant movement of the dancers, the layers of harmony added by the orchestra and intense rhythms of the drummers. For the final song of the evening there was a joyful stage invasion, of which Maria was a part.

Daniela Mercury

It was a very uplifting evening, important in the development of Brazil and both Maria and I had a very wonderful time meeting many fantastic friends.

Premio crianca 2012

Below is a list of the winning ten projects, all of whom are doing fantastic work:

Estação da Luz
Iniciativa: Projeto Educare

Obras Sociais do Centro Espírita Irmão Áureo (OSCEIA)
Iniciativa: Aprender Brincando

Associação de Assistência a Criança e ao Adolescente Cardíacos e aos Transplantados do Coração (ACTC)
Iniciativa: Nutrição Diferenciada

Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais de São Paulo (APAE)
Iniciativa: Criança com Deficiência em situação de violência e outras violações de Direito

AES Eletropaulo
Iniciativa: Centro Educacional Infantil Luz e Lápis

Grupo de Apoio ao Adolescente e à Criança com Câncer (GRAACC)
Iniciativa: Escola Móvel: educação infantil

Associação de Reabilitação Infantil Limeirense (ARIL)
Iniciativa: PAEB – Programa de Apoio e Estimulação do Bebê

Grupo Boticário
Iniciativa: Programa para Gestantes

Centro Comunitário Lídia dos Santos (CEACA VILA)
Iniciativa: Creche Patinho Feliz

Hospital e Maternidade Jaraguá
Iniciativa: Atendimento lúdico pedagógico: o Brincar que faz a diferença. Brinquedoteca hospitalar

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  1. Si – Mum and I have just read your blog. Great to see that Maria’s contribution was recognised so well.

    Tons of love to you both



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