Meeting Branco Mello

Those of you who are not Brazilian probably do not know Branco Mello. He is the bassist and vocalist for the rock band Titãs, who formed in 1980 and went on to have a string of hits, many with hard hitting lyrics of a country which would only end its dictatorship in 1984.

Branco Mello

Branco Mello

It was quite amazing for both Maria and I to meet Branco Mello who was in the same restaurant as us, a local one just round the corner from where we live. Not only has Maria helped teach me Portuguese through the lyrics of Titãs, many of the songs are powerful and great to interpret.

T shirt camiseta

I have already written an article which includes some Titãs lyrics – Where are all the t-shirts written in Portuguese? In this article, I wrote about the problems I was having finding any kind of t-shirt in Brazil written in Portuguese. On of their songs goes “Um idiota em inglês É bem melhor do que eu e vocês” (An idiot in English is better than you or me). This often seems to ring true where anything from Europe or the US is valued far higher than anything intelligent or cultural in Brazil.

I told Branco about this, and he told us that in fact they sell band t-shirts with some of their lyrics on. I had a look and this is true. So this was a very wonderful kind of closure to a circle. A blog of mine inspired by Branco Mello ends with meeting the same chap who tells me that their band is indeed a source of t-shirts written in Portuguese. Wonderful : )

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