Brazil’s Strategic Roadmap for Industry, 2013 – 2022

Strategic Roadmap

Last year, I wrote an article on Brazil’s first forum on Bioeconomics I was invited too which was organised by CNI, the Brazilian Confederation of National Industry (Confederação Nacional da Indústria) and which impressed me greatly. Following on from my two articles on the New Cities Summit I was at last week, I thought I would write up some brief notes about a major new report released by CNI. I see the Strategic Map for Industry (Mapa Estratégico da Indústria) 2013-2022 as a vital piece of work for the development of Brazil.

Strategic Roadmap
The strategic map is based on the following ten themes

  • Education
  • Macroeconomic Environment
  • Efficiency of State
  • Juridical Security and Bureaucracy
  • Market Development
  • Labor Relations
  • Financing
  • Infrastructure
  • Taxation
  • Innovation and Productivity

Introducing the report, Robson Braga de Andrade, Presidente da Confederação Nacional da Indústria writes that:

The Brazilian industry presents his vision for the country. The Strategic Map of Industry 2013-2022 represents an effort of more than 500 business representatives, to define the actions necessary to make Brazil grow more and better, and reflect on the problems that impede this growth.

Our reference is 2022, the year in which Brazil celebrates 200 years of independence. It is an inspiration to increase our ambition and to formulate a strategy on what we want to be and what we need to do.

This comparison should guide our ambition and our sense of urgency. The National Confederation of Industry invites entrepreneurs, society and the branches of government to mobilize in the process of building a more competitive and fair economy.

It is really encouraging to see Education take a prime place in the development of Brazil. As you can see from the graphic above, Brazil is positioning itself as a country which blends innovation with sustainability, but its vision will only truly be achieved with a far more educated population. The report by the CNI provides a clear plan of action with measurable indicators, but only together with a single vision will it reach these targets.

I asked a representative from CNI if the strategic map was available in English, but unfortunately it is only available in Portuguese. Brazil has a huge number of challenging complex issues, but here on Transition Consciousness, while recognising these, I try and focus on those people, projects and organisations who are making important contributions to our transition to a better way of living. I would like to see an English version, since so many foreign companies and people are coming to Brazil given its emerging role on the world stage, and the continuing economic crisis in so many other countries.

The New Cities Summit was extremely encouraging, and showed just how much desire there is to create a truly global dialogue. I am therefore really looking forward to the annual Strategy Execution Summit in São Paulo which will take place in August which has as its theme The Necessary Evolution. This summit, which is organised by my wife Maria, brings together some of the most senior representatives from both the largest national and international organisations in Brazil, as well as representatives from many partners and small and medium enterprises, to discuss the evolution of business strategy. José Augusto Coelho Fernandes, Director of Politics and Strategy at CNI will be taking part, discussing strategic agendas and the engagement of stakeholders on day one.

This year there is yet again an emphasis on sustainability, and shows just how central sustainability and sustainable thinking is embedded into the largest organisations here in Brazil. It is something Brazil can be truly proud of, and together with the Confederation of National Industry, while many other economies suffer the strain, I believe Brazil can really begin to make the progress it strongly deserves.

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