Brazil’s Hunters of Good Examples (Caçadores de Bons Exemplos)

Here is a very amazing story from Brazil which we saw on Fantastico last night, a Sunday evening current affairs show from Globo. In January 2011, tired of only hearing bad news, Iara and Eduardo Xavier sold their home and left Divinópolis, in Minas Gerais, with a single goal: to hunt down good examples across the country. Their mission is “to find people who make a difference in the community in which they live, running a social project or positive action.”

Iara and Eduardo Xavier

Iara and Eduardo Xavier

So far, they have covered 160,000 km cataloging around 700 amazing projects across 18 different states. They do not scour the internet for projects, they simply arrive in towns and cities, and get tips from people they meet. They then turn up unannounced to ensure that they experience the projects in as pure a way as possible.

Photo Credit:  Iara and Eduardo Xavier

Photo Credit: Iara and Eduardo Xavier

As they say on their Facebook page:

We believe that there are much more positive actions than negative actions in the world. So … Our goal is to raise awareness in the hope that people will do the same as the good examples we find, and also to encourage people to help those who are already doing this.

Iara and Eduardo Xavier are a truly inspirational couple. They were not able to find funding for their project, and it may well be that they now have to sell their car. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Caçadores de Bons Exemplo


Casal larga tudo e viaja em busca dos bons exemplos do Brasil (Fantastico)

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