Brazil’s Strategic Roadmap for Industry, 2013 – 2022, now available in English

CNI Strategic Map

Earlier this year I wrote about the publication of Brazil’s strategic roadmap, 2013 – 2022, produced by CNI – the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry. This is an immensely important report, since it provides a single vision for the transformation, development and improvement of Brazilian industry, business and Government.

At the time I asked CNI if an English language version was available, and it was not. However, they contacted me today to let me know that they have now produced a shortened version, which they have sent me for publication. You can download the PDF version on this link: CNI Strategic Map

As Robson Braga de Andrade, President of CNI, writes in the introduction to the report:

We are part of the world. Brazil should learn from the examples of other nations. Our benchmark should not be ourselves. The Strategic Map emphasizes the need to compare ourselves with other countries. The speed and reach of our reforms and advances should be assessed in the light of international comparisons.

This comparison should guide our ambition and sense of urgency. The National Confederation of Industry – Brazil invites entrepreneurs, society, and the branches of government to join forces and build a more competitive and fairer economy.

I have been a guest of CNI at a number of events hosted for the nations business leaders. These types of events are not normally written about in the international press, and also, I should say, covered by the national media. While I do not want to sound too naive or idealistic about the prospects for improving Brazil (I have now been here for three years) I am also conscious of the saying that no one ever built a statue to a critic. It is by no means easy to face the realities of Brazil as it is today and provide a positive vision of the future, but CNI are offering one, and working in partnership with many forward thinking leaders to make the vision a reality.

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