Adventures in New Economics: Giles Hutchins – A Radical Review of Reality

This talk, given on October 14th 2013 at Schumacher College, is the third of 12 talks during the autumn of 2013 on Adventures in New Economics. Giles is a good friend of mine, and a co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, of which I am also a member, as well as being the author of The Nature of Business.

Biomimicry is not just about copying nature in the design of new products and services. It can be a profound source of future value generation for an organisation which is looking to develop more sustainable and resilient business models. These new sources of value though can only come about through a transformation of thinking, and in this excellent presentation Giles takes us on a philosophical tour, examining how we came to where we are now, and how we can move into an emergent future.

Dr. Kazuo Inamori Love

One point that Giles does make is that you do not often hear the word love in business. One company that does embrace the word love is Kyocera, founded by Dr. Kazuo Inamori, whose corporate motto is ‘Respect the divine and love people’. That is beautiful.

Giles talk is penetrating and wide ranging, looking at limitations in rational thinking but also considering how we can find solutions to the complex and embedded issues we find ourselves enmeshed in today.

Adventures in New Economics is a wide-ranging speaker series covering the key topics in new economic thinking today, presented by Transition Town Totnes, Totnes REconomy Project, and Schumacher College.

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