What does a week with Henri Bortoft look like?

According to Jo Stodgel, a Holistic Science alumni of Schumacher College who spent a week with Henri in 2012, it looks something like this:

Credit: Jo Stodgel

Credit: Jo Stodgel

Jo explains his notes as follows:

These are some of my first Holistic Science notes that I took at the Schumacher College in Devon, England. The late Henri Bortoft joined us on our first week of focused study and took us on a journey through and introduction to phenomenology and the science of Goethe. These notes are a collection of the images and words that he shared with us and point towards topics and facts and ideas, yet defy a logical form of explanation.

Henri Bortoft was a massive inspiration for many of the students of the Schumacher College. I brought his work into many of the papers that I wrote during my year of study. This was especially the case with my dissertation where I related the concept of authentic wholeness to upcycling as well as community engagement and activism.

Two years ago Jo initiated a project in South Africa to “upcycle” an old dumping site into the home of the Trash to Treasure Festivals. His passion to show people how they can use “trash” beneficially for the betterment of their communities. He was recently was accepted to the Sustainable Cup Challenge Fellowship in New York City with The DO School. His aim is to build upon the work that he accomplished in South Africa and establish an eco-brick program in Santa Fe that addresses local plastic pollution.

Jo Stodgel

Jo Stodgel

In order to achieve this goal, Jo has started a crowd funding campaign to help him cover his costs of the fellowship. He plans to continue providing his supporters with regular personalised updates on the project, as well as further art and music creations from his journey. If you think that this is worthy and interesting, why not check out his campaign here: Jo Stodgel’s NYC Fellowship with The DO School

And for those of you who may still be wondering why you may benefit from studying the work of the great Henri Bortoft, you may want to start by reading a couple of my own articles:

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One response to “What does a week with Henri Bortoft look like?

  1. Simon…my heart just sings when I read about Henri, stuff by Henri and that mind-map is incredible. My heart was sprung wide open by it…such a life affirming approach to participation in the world… if ever I knew about being called to do what I Love that just about crystallises it! We can understand this approach in the head, but it is my heart that hear(t)s the wisdom in this mode of participation in the world..thank you for sharing…

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