A rare opportunity to spend a week in the UK with Fritjof Capra this May

Those of you who come to my blog frequently will see that I often write about the work of my fellow students who have undertaken the Holistic Science masters degree at Schumacher College. This masters degree is not just about the intellectual learning, it is also about the transformational learning journey, and the intuitive insights from this journey can at times be intense with few others able to make sense of where the thinking of students ends up. For this reason many of the alumni stay in touch, exchanging experiences and supporting each other in their continuing journeys.

Gaby Franco

Gaby Franco

It was therefore great to see my fellow student Gaby Franco at an amazing conference last month in Mexico, hosted by Universidad Iberoamericana, examining the interrelationship between science and spirituality, with keynote speakers Fritjof Capra and Satish Kumar.

Fritjof Capra, Satish Kumar and Gustavo Esteva

Fritjof Capra, Satish Kumar and Gustavo Esteva

I would have absolutely loved to have gone to this conference, and it must have been amazing for those who were there. As I have already reviewed Satish’s new book Soil Soul Society, and recorded an interview with him about his book, I thought that I would use this opportunity to let you know, if you were not already aware, that Fritjof also has a new book coming out in April which for me is the most anticipated book of the year.

The Systems View of LifeThe Systems View of Life, coauthored with Pier Luigi Luisi, presents a coherent systemic framework that integrates the biological, cognitive, social, and ecological dimensions of life. They believe that it will be critical for present and future generations of young students and researchers to understand this new systemic conception of life and its implications for a broad range of professions — from the life sciences to economics, management, politics, medicine, psychology, and law.

The book offers a broad sweep through the history of ideas and across scientific disciplines. Beginning with the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution, the historical account includes the evolution of Cartesian mechanism from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, the rise of systems thinking, the development of complexity theory, recent discoveries at the forefront of biology, the emergence of the systems view of life at the turn of this century, and its economic, ecological, political, and spiritual implications.

I really cannot wait to receive this book, and will be writing a review in due course. In the meantime, Fritjof will be coming to the UK in May, and will be teaching for a week at Schumacher College. For course details see: The Systems View of Life – A Unifying Vision. For those of you who are able to attend, it too promises to be one of the most outstanding short courses on systems thinking of 2014.


To find out more about this course, please visit the website of Schumacher College: www.schumachercollege.org.uk/courses/the-systems-view-of-life-the-integrated-whole

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