A Buddhist CEO in Brazil. Is it really possible?

A Buddhist CEO in Brazil. Is it really possible?In just a few day’s time, our book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter will be available from UK distributors. In my previous post I have just written about the fictional story Joia Rara, centred around the idea of Buddhism and the reincarnation of a Lama monk in Brazil in the 1940s (See Love, Peace, Enlightenment – The End of Joia Rara).

In Joia Rara, one of the characters Franz Hauser takes over control of Hauser group from his ailing father, and decides to turn it into a collective, where all workers benefit from the profits, much like the John Lewis partnership in the UK.

Maria and myself with Sérgio Chaia

Maria and myself with Sergio Chaia

In Holonomics, Maria and I interview Sergio Chaia, who at the time of writing was CEO of Nextel Brasil, and who is now Vice-President and Director General of security group Symantec for Brazil and Latin America. Sergio shares his insights from Buddhism, his spiritual path in life, and how these great teachings can be applied to leadership in business today.

For Sergio, the greatest attribute a leader can have is self-knowledge, and through developing self-knowledge, leaders can build great businesses through empowering their people.

Sergio has also written his own book about this leadership philosophy, Será que é possível? (Is it Possible?), which is published in Brazil in Portuguese, and Maria and I are delighted to be able to share his teachings to a wider global audience through Holonomics.

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