Saturday 31st May – A Google Hangout with Gunther Sonnenfeld – Updated

I can now confirm the times and link for our Google Hangout this Saturday:



12.00 PDT
15.00 EDT
16.00 Brasilia
20.00 UK
21.00 Europe

The Hangout will also be recorded and available to watch later should you not be able to attend.

Please feel free to use the #Holonomics tag during the show.

Hangout flyerMaria and I are looking forward to our Google Hangout this coming Saturday with Gunther Sonnenfeld. We will be able to confirm times later this week, and we are trying to ensure the time will be good for those of you in Europe, South America and the US West Coast time zones so you will be able to listen live.

For those of you not able to join live, you will of course be able to watch afterwards.

Gunther has an extremely educational blog A Literacy of the Imagination, and the Hangout will be wide-ranging, covering the really deep aspects of Holonomics relating to design, innovation, story telling, big data and much more.

Credit: Gunther Sonnenfeld

Credit: Gunther Sonnenfeld

About Gunther:

Gunther is a global advisor in social technology, business and media innovation. Through labs, workshops and other types of creative engagement, he applies strategic insights to new market opportunities at the early stage, M&A and co-op levels.

He has co-developed over a dozen proprietary platforms in the search, social media, business intelligence, digital content and analytics domains, and has won several awards for his innovation work, including a Forrester Groundswell Award in 2010. As a Venture Partner at K5, Gunther is responsible for building the fund’s social entrepreneurship platforms, in addition to actively mentoring students at Claremont McKenna’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program. He is also an advisor to the C-PET Futures Platform, a DC-based policy reform initiative for emerging technologies.

In addition to startups, he has worked across industries, with a wide range of brands including Toyota, Charles Schwab, Adobe, HP, Kraft, Unilever, Google, Hulu, Microsoft and Skype.

Gunther speaks frequently around the world on the topics of ‘big data’, digital convergence, multi-platform storytelling and emerging markets, and has keynoted alongside of visionaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki, Arianna Huffington and Jonathan Harris. He is currently writing a new book called “Dreamweaving”, which he will self-publish later this year on his own platform (Paperlet).

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