This 12 year old Brazilian won a major international fencing match. There is definitely no way you will guess what happened next.

Guilherme Murray

Guilherme Murray

This is 12-year old Brazilian Guilherme Murray. He was playing in the Panamerican fencing championships in a class two years above his own age.

He won his game in the final 16 after the referee judged him to have won.

But he was eliminated.

At his request.

Realising that he had been awarded a point by the referee when in fact he had not touched his opponent, he asked the referee to take away his point, and so he was eliminated. He could have been in the top 8 but declined due to his honesty, character and absolute epitome of sporting behaviour.

He left the championships defeated, but here in the Spanish and Portuguese press, he is an absolute champion of which Brazil can be proud.

We need to educate our children in human values, and we need to celebrate such gracious ethical behaviour as Guilherme, who is a fantastic role model not just for his fellow Brazilians, but for all of us.

Guilherme, I doff my hat to you. Well done my friend, may you have much sporting success in the future.

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