Pat Williams talks to Henri Bortoft about Goethe’s Approach to Science

Henri Bortoft

Henri Bortoft

I received today this interview from the journal Human Givens, Volume 8, Number 4, 2001 from my friend Ezra Hewing. Ezra, like Maria and myself, has a great interest in the work of Henri Bortoft, and how his philosophical insights can be applied in business settings.

This interview leads on from the great dissertation by Richard Widows I have just published, in that Henri discusses the many ways in which entering into Goethe’s way of seeing can help us discover solutions to many organisational problems we face in business today, such as the limitations of a bureaucratic mindset and the need to move into a more intuitive form of perception.

You can download a copy of the interview here:

FFT – TNT – Casting New Light HGJ Vol8 No2 2001-2

Ezra Hewing is the community development manager at Suffolk Mind. His previous roles include coordinating community mental health services, teaching young offenders and adult prisoners, and working in substance misuse. He gained the Human Givens Diploma in 2006. You can read more about Ezra’s work in this article I published early last year:

Work and the mental health continuum – Ezra Hewing’s work on changing perceptions in organisations

You can find more about Human Givens here:

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