This one tip from Gilberto Gil will transform your experience and use of Twitter


There is something I feel I need to share with you, which will help transform your use and experience of Twitter. I know some of you know this tip, but it still seems that many of you do not so with the help of Gilberto Gil, together we will explain.

Bela Cozinha

Tonight Gilberto Gill appeared on the very excellent programme Bela Cozinha (Beautiful Cooking) which is presented by his daughter Bela Gil. It is a programme in which Bela, who graduated in Natural Cuisine from the Natural Gourmet Institute and Nutrition and Food Science at Hunter College in New York, teaches us how to cook very healthy and ridiculously tasty food. Maria and I love Bela Cozinha and watch it a lot.

Credit: GNT

Credit: GNT

As this was the opening of a new season, after the programme Gilberto, Bela and his other daughter Preta had a question and answer session with viewers.

Now here is a question asking about how to use green banana flour:

TweetVerena may or may not be thinking that this tweet was broadcast for all her followers to see, but in fact it wasn’t. Because she started the tweet with @ and someone, this tweet was only seen by those people who follow both her and Bela.

Let’s look at how Gilberto is answering people tonight:

tweetGilberto is replying to Kappsmariana, but did you see what he did? In order to avoid starting with an @ he started with a dot. He could have started with anything, but as he is a Twitter whiz, he now knows that this tweet will be seen by all 1.03 million followers that he has.

If Gilberto didn’t do this, but just replied to peeople starting with their @names, it would be a pretty poor question and answer session, since the answers would not come up in our feeds. Of course we could all follow the hash tag, and I know most of you will know about these, but the people not following the hash tag would have lost out on the opportunity to know what was happening on Twitter this evening.

So now you know. If you want to ensure that your tweets are seen by one and all, don’t start with an @. You can rephrase the tweets if you don’t want to go for the whole ‘start with a dot’ business too. Be creative.

And you know what, as I have been writing this article Verena has just said thank you to Bela:

TweetShe does, it now seems, know that she has to start with something, and in this instance she has gone for the ” look tonight. Gilberto knows. Bela and Preta know. Verena knows. And now you know too. Happy tweeting 🙂

Oh, and if you want to follow us on Twitter I am @srerobinson and Maria is @DoraMoraesR.

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