What Is Holonomic Thinking and Why Should You Care?

Holonomic Thinking

Holonomic Thinking

Tamay Kiper has written an article for Sustainable Brands about our book Holonomics, in which she writes:

In a fascinating new book, Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, authors Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson reveal what it means to ‘think holonomically’ rather than mechanically. The book aims to not simply present this elegant mode of systems thinking, but also to give examples that make readers aware of a set of ideas not commonly discussed in this particular combination.

Holonomics brings biomimicry, life cycle analysis, systems thinking, spirituality, nature’s interconnectedness, philosophy, literacy, physics, biology and business all together in a way that opens readers’ eyes to uncommon dimensions of thought that could still have very practical applications. The content is arranged in three easy-to-follow parts that build on one another: The Dynamics of Seeing, The Dynamics of Nature, and The Dynamics of Business.

What was really great in this article was seeing the way in which Tamay picked up on our exploration of the concept of belonging together, and how this relates to systems thinking and the understanding of authentic wholeness in a system:

Holonomic thinking encourages the understanding of relationships in their wholeness. This perception of ‘wholeness’ comes from both scientific and artistic consciousness. When perceiving phenomena, the underlying organizing principles appear in the imagination, in a place of authentic ‘belonging together.’ The better we see the ‘belonging together,’ the better our mental models will be — there will be effective feedback loops and we will become more aware of our own thinking, and also aware of mental processes and experiences that are otherwise hidden from us. At the same time, we shouldn’t become so entranced that we confuse any advanced model with the deeper truths of reality, the totality of which cannot be modeled explicitly. Holonomic thinking emphasizes the ‘belonging’ and the meaning of the systems and their coexistence.

To read the whole article please follow this link: What Is Holonomic Thinking and Why Should You Care?

Maria Sustainable BrandsAt this year’s Sustainable Brands summit in London, Maria and I will be running a three-hour workshop and also presenting a plenary talk, both titled Holonomic Thinking: Upgrading Our Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy. To see the whole programme please take a look at the Programme Overview.

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