Video: Holonomic Thinking: Developing Sustainable Leadership

Some of you will know that a few weeks ago I was invited to  Brasilia where I was invited to speak at the third forum of Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (RNP) (The National Network of Teaching and Research). The forum was a three day event exploring every aspect of e-Health, and I had been invited to talk about holonomic thinking, take a look into the future up to the year 2030, and explore what organisations would be like, and what would be the implications for developing a new generation of leaders to cope with this new paradigm and reality.

Video Holonomic Thinking and Sustainable LeadershipHolonomics Thinking: Developing Sustainable Leadership

The video of my talk is now available to watch. Click on either the picture or link above to access it. The talk starts about 5 minutes in. I am introduced in Portuguese, and then I speak in English.

My slides in the video are in Portuguese, so if you would like to follow them in English, they are available in this Slideshare below:

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Developing Sustainable Leadership and Holonomic Thinking

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