Authentic co-creation and innovation in the sharing economy

This is my updated diagram which represents the shift from Ego-nomics to Holonomics. It captures for me the essence of those aspects of ego we need to pay attention to, if we are to make the shift to authentic co-creation and innovation in the sharing economy.

Credit: Simon Robinson

Credit: Simon Robinson

A recent article of mine on Knotworks for Sustainable Brands seemed to catch quite a few people’s attention, which is where this word originates, and I have also added in the concept of shielding.

Putting up a shield is of course defensive, the main reaction of ego to others. We also put up shields to hide from others what our real intentions are, to keep our hidden agendas hidden.

We have to lower our shields to really be able to co-create and share, and that means only people with true power are able to do so, confident in themselves and having the humility to truly be able to see the contributions of others.

So yes, this is just a plea for people to really recognise the need for authenticity when talking about co-creation, sharing and conscious organisations and economics otherwise if people remain in ego things will always remain the same, just even more hidden with a new vocabulary.

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