The Teachings of Satish Kumar

SatishIn 1962, Satish Kumar made headlines around the globe when he walked from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London and Washington, delivering packets of peace tea to the countries’ leaders with the advice that, before resorting to nuclear warfare as a solution to their problems, they should sit down and have a quiet cup of tea.

Since settling here in 1973 Satish has been the guiding spirit behind a number of ecological, spiritual and educational ventures in the United Kingdom. He has founded the Small School – a pioneering secondary school dedicated to bringing ecological and spiritual values into its curriculum – and Schumacher College, which educates its students in eco-consciousness and the means for effective change.

What you are about to read are quotes from Satish about ecology and economics. Satish’s philosophy about nature comes from his very deep connection with nature. He has a very different way of thinking about nature compared, for example, many people in business or economics, where we see the natural world primarily in terms of resources to be exploited.

I have combined the philosophy of Satish with my own photography.

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