Humans with the lights on: How can we transform the world through narratives and exponential growth? A Google Hangout January 28th

A Google Hangout
Wednesday January 28th



There is no real separation between life and business, between products and people, between brands and company operations, between ecologies and economies, between the planet and any form of higher purpose.

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Gunther Sonnenfeld

Join Maria Moraes Robinson and Simon Robinson, co-authors of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, and Gunther Sonnenfeld, visionary entrepreneur who explores the intersections of media, technology, entrepreneurship and venture investment, in this fascinating discussion on how we can design the future, prototype it, and make it real – at planetary scale.

Our Hangout can be watched here:

January 28th at the following times:
0.00 Los Angeles (PST)
13.00 New York (EST)
16.00 São Paulo (Brasilia)
18.00 UK (and GMT)
19.00 Europe (CET)

A recording will be available to watch on Youtube for those unable to watch live.

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