Humans with Lights On: Our Hangout now on Youtube

Maria and I had a really fantastic hangout today with our great friend Gunther Sonnenfeld. You can now watch it on Youtube at a time convenient for yourself.

The full title of the hangout was Humans with the lights on: How can we transform the world through narratives and exponential growth? and we covered a huge amount of ground discussing narrative, storytelling, mythology, the hero’s journey, the experiencing of the revolutionary art of The Glasgow Boys and particularly the painting The Druids – Bringing in the Mistletoe, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, bringing a more spiritual sensibility into organisations, and also Gunther’s new venture Luman, which is bringing together some of the most evolutionary people, ideas, frameworks and tools to design the future, prototype it, and make it real.

Gunther Sonnefeld

We covered a huge amount of ground, and as I mention in the hangout, below you can find links to all the people, projects and web articles that we discuss, including this diagram below which we finish the hangout with.



Maria, Gunther and I really hope you enjoy the hangout. While explore spirituality, philosophical, artistic and mythical realms, we also look at what this means in practice today, developing new technologies and innovating in a world where people and planet matter.

Articles on Transition Consciousness

A Mesmerising, Magical Tour of the Greatest British Art, Architecture, Media and Culture Throughout the Ages

Revelations on Seeing Turner’s Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – the Morning after the Deluge

Photo: Maria Moraes Robinson

Photo: Maria Moraes Robinson

Anatomy of a painting – The Druids – Bringing in the Mistletoe

Articles by Gunther Sonnefeld

Constructing New Global Paradigms – Behind the launch of LUMAN, a ‘new’ kind of innovation group

Archetype Evolutions – Understanding universal patterns & changing how we tell stories in a world of great transition (This article has Gunther’s paintings)

Story as Genealogy & The Power of Data Narrative

People we Mention (at 21.50 minutes into the hangout)

Sustainable Brands

Martin Bunge and Buhar

Betsey Merkel and i-Open

Jennifer Sertl

John Kellden

Peter Vander Auwera

Homero Santos

Instituto Empower – Investing in Women

Instituto Jatobás



Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Andy Goldsworthy’s Striding Arches


4 responses to “Humans with Lights On: Our Hangout now on Youtube

  1. Gunther is my kind of guy! Assuming I am hearing it right I can very much relate to his exasperation at how some of the technical folks will latch onto the profit motive in a simplistic way and not see the deeper human aspect to business.

    The other thing I note is that this aspect of narrative is what energises me with my interest in the technical domain. The gadgets – they come and go and in reality the technical problems do not actually change that much – but the human story is always a fresh thing.

    That is what interests me in terms of programmer development for instance. Not necessarily what is the best methodology (although that can be interesting), but what is the human story that accompanies it.

    Thanks for an interesting conversation.

    • Thanks Charles, I was hoping you would enjoy the conversation, especially as both you and Gunther take a phenomenological and Holonomic approach to software design, albeit in slightly different domains.

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