The Indefatigableismus of Being Plato

Zen figure credit: Maria Eugenia Manrique

Zen figure credit: Maria Eugenia Manrique Quote credit: Author unknown

Milan Kundera wrote a book titled The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It’s a great title for a book and I really wish I had thought of it first. But I didn’t so hey ho.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading myself, and in some month’s time I will be sharing some new materials, thoughts and projects. But for now some very new and exciting ideas are coming into being for me based on my studies of Plato, especially via the devastatingly vast wisdom of Gadamer.

There is a stage before a well-articulated thought, where you are convinced you have an insight or an idea, you sense it, you intuit it, and it feels like maybe your head is full of clothes in a washing machine spinning wildly around in a whirr.

But there comes that stage where you then try to find the words, and sometimes the exact nuanced thought does not quite manage to come out. This is how I feel about Plato, or rather, the insights I have gained not of his doctrine, but what he was trying to guide us towards. There is a certain “indefatigableismus” about the situation right now.

And this is the point about writing a blog. For me my blog has always been about the coming-into-being of ideas, ones not fully formed, and when they do form, merely serve as a springboard to ever-new heights.

So thank you for bearing with me.

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