Creating Openness to Innovation

In a recent article we looked at the point of liminality in the journey to achieving holonomic consciousness (see A Dialogue on Liminality, Wholeness and Collective Understanding). The territory was mapped out in this figure below:

Credit: Simon Robinson

Credit: Simon Robinson

I wanted to connect this concept with some of the great work my friends and colleagues are doing at Luman, a new venture focused on a radical new way of thinking about innovation. Gunther Sonnefeld introduced Luman in our last hangout, and Philip Horváth takes up the theme of self in a new article and series of slides in which he says:

One of the reasons we look at the whole Self at LUMAN as a central point of beginning any innovation journey, is that the observer has to shift for new actions to become available. In order to introduce something new, I can change my actions to bring about new results. But that will only get me so far. Some results will be out of reach until I shift who “i” am as an observer – in turn providing me with new actions. These are the radical transformations that allow for deep reaching innovations.

Source: Innovation starts with “i”

Philip narrates his vision in these slides below. As he says, “by allowing ourselves to die and be born anew, by creating openness for innovation in ourselves – we create openness for innovation in that which we consider other“.

Ultimately great innovation goes hand-in-hand with a change in culture. This change in culture can be profound, but the big question of course is whether or not we are willing to let go of who “i” currently is, for who “i” could become. There are many people I know who are not achieving their full potential, and this is exactly the reason. Letting go is hard, but the rewards can be phenomenal of allowing in an emergent future.

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