As Carnival Starts in Brazil Skol Sensibly Pulls its Rather Silly Adverts

It’s now carnival in Brazil, a week when the population puts away its troubles and heads to the beaches and streets in a glorious celebration of dancing, music and life.

Source: Skol on Facebook

Source: Skol on Facebook

So a few weeks ago some bright spark at Skol, the brand owned by Ambev, one of the best selling lagers here drunk by millions, decided to throw away the rule book on advertising alcohol. They must have thought that all that stuff about ‘drink in moderation’ and ‘don’t drink and drive’ such a bore, they must have been thinking, hey stuff it, let’s have an outdoor advertising campaign that tells people to just go mental, abandon all moral codes, more and ethics, and hey, go totally wild and say yes to everything.

Sounds good on paper, and so up went all the billboards and posters with the phrase:

Esqueci o ‘não’ em casa

Translated literally this means “I left ‘no’ at home”. So what Skol are saying is that when you are in situations where there is an element of ‘no’, where you would normally say no, just forget that and say yes.

For many upstanding Brazilians, this was an outrage. It’s not like Brazil has problems with drugs, problems with drink driving, problems with domestic violence, and problems with rape is it now? If you are a women, is this not a little offensive? If you are in the Skol marketing department, and one of the senior executives at Ambev who signed off the campaign, is this not a little way off message, somewhat far from your brand values, and company values?

Pri FerreiraOne Brazilian woman who thought that this was somewhat offensive was Pri Ferrari, who along with her friends reacted by posting their interpretations of the advert on Facebook, calling “wonderful” Skol “irresponsible”.

Their campaign spread rapidly, and what is interesting in this story is that Pri decided to contact Ambev. It is to Ambev’s credit that they immediately recognised how ill-advised this campaign was, and appear to have been able to react with admirable speed in taking down every piece of the offensive campaign, and replacing these posters with new ones with the theme of respecting others.


You know, for me it is a case of he or she who is without guilt can throw the first stone. I never throw the first stone. We have all made a mess at some point in our lives. The great measure of character is how we respond.

We live in difficult times, where politicians in Brazil are stealing not millions but billions, and Brazil itself is heading into a calamitous drought with no leadership in sight. And in Britain our politicians are doing all they can to bury one of the worst scandals in British political history, heinous crimes against children by those in the highest elite positions of British society.

It is not politicians who respond quickly to the moral outrage of the people, but brands. Look how fast Ambev admitted responsibility, accepted their error, and took immediate steps to rectify a very misplaced advertising campaign. Do you see politicians acting in this manner? I certainly don’t.

In our networked age, people are coming together to demand a new level of transparency and ethics in public and commercial spheres. Brands are reacting, and sustainable brands are those who not only talk about being ethical, but who are ethical, moral and who are really practising what they preach. Our politicians would do well to learn from this.

Credit: Skol on Facebook

Credit: Skol on Facebook

Cheers all. Have a good one. Maria and I are off to Corumbá in the Pantanal, where we will be partying with some very wild life. Have a good one.

And cheers Ambev, great to see you doing the right thing in the end.


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