The Launch of Empower Women Brasil and an Interview with Sarah Rozenthuler discussing Life Changing Conversations

Empower Women BrasilI am delighted today to share the news of the launch of Empower Women Brasil. Founded by Daniela Carvalho and Zoraide Stark, the institute was created to help organisations develop programmes, initiatives and other actions to support women entrepreneurs and leaders across the whole of society.

Empower Women Brasil partnersThe network already has a number of partners, including Holonomics Education, as well as also having a number of collaborators writing for the blog, including both Maria and myself. One of the first articles of mine is an interview with Sarah Rozenthuler, author of the book Life Changing Conversations, which I have already reviewed in a two part series (see Part One and Part Two).

Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler

In this interview, I ask Sarah about her book, and we discuss how Life Changing Conversations can particularly help women in organisational situations. The whole interview (in English) can be read here:


Empower Women Brasil

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