An In-Depth Interview with Bynn McNally from Sustainable Brands with myself and Maria

Holonomics Plenary 2 Sustainable Brands

Credit: Sustainable Brands

At Sustainable Brands San Diego this June Maria and I will be running a workshop Holonomic Thinking Thinking: Upgrading Your Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy.

As a part of the run-up to what will be one of the largest global gatherings of practitioners of sustainability, Maria and I talked with Brynn McNally about the reception of Holonomics and how it is now being put into practice around the world.

The interview is wide-ranging and in-depth and the questions Brynn asks are:

  • What has been the reception to Holonomics since its publication, in Brazil and internationally?
  • How are readers of Holonomics implementing your ideas?
  • How do you describe the value of a ‘philosophy of wholeness’ to a sceptical executive, under pressure to produce quarterly returns?
  • Your call for people to ‘upgrade their mental operating system’ to Holonomics seems to reflect the left-brain paradigm you critique. Given that changing people’s ways of thinking is likely a gradual process, what are the first steps to integrating holonomic thinking into an organization?
  • Holonomics argues it is not enough to measure brands economically, because people experience and connect with brands in broader ways. Are there ways we can measure or track these other types of value?
  • At SB London last year, you provided an example of a Holonomics workshop with Hospital Sírio Libanês that yielded an exciting ‘breakdown of social hierarchy.’ How can this breakdown benefit an organization?
  • You talk frequently about companies developing an “authentic” purpose, writing in recent SB article, “Brands now have to be authentic and not only communicate, but actually be authentic in their wholeness.” What do you mean by this? How can we tell if a company is authentic in their mission?
  • You work with companies to develop value propositions based on a ‘deeper and more meaningful engagement’ with all stakeholders. What’s an example of an organization or company that is doing this successfully?
  • Can all companies adopt holonomic thinking, regardless of the product they sell?

These are really great questions, and you can read the whole interview on Sustainable Brands here: ‘Whole’ Economics: Seeing (and Sensing) the Bigger Picture

To find out more about Sustainable Brands San Diego, please take a look at the conference website:

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