Maria Moraes Robinson invites you to SB’15 San Diego #SB15sd

Following on from our workshop and plenary at Sustainable Brands London last year, Maria and I will be running a new workshop at Sustainable Brands San Diego this June. Here is a little invitation from Maria:

We were recently interviewed by Brynn McNally from Sustainable Brands about how we have been working with Holonomics in major organisations, facilitating programmes of profound organisational and personal change, and how Holonomics has been received around the world:

‘Whole’ Economics: Seeing (and Sensing) the Bigger Picture

Here is the full description of our workshop which will be a powerful introduction to holonomic thinking:

Holonomic Thinking: Upgrading Our Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy

Sustainable Brands San DiegoConfronted with rapid escalation of complexity in the world, business leaders and brand managers increasingly feel that they are no longer equipped to deal with the new economic paradigm which is emerging and being co-created. Many executives are continuing to use frameworks and methodologies designed decades ago, but this approach is no longer working. It is not always the case that we need to change our methodologies. What we need is a new way of seeing and thinking that allows us to be mindful and truly make sense of complex situations. Holonomic thinking upgrades our way of seeing by expanding our mode of consciousness from the analytical to the intuitive; one that not only is able to understand the parts of a system, but at a deeper, intuitive level of perception, is also able to understand brands as the relationships and processes within that system.

This workshop will appeal to professionals who are looking to deepen their leadership skills relating to sustainability, strategy, branding, systems thinking, creativity and dialogue. It will include both powerful practical experiential exercises and case studies which practitioners can take back and implement with their own organizations and communities.

Further Information:

New SB’15 San Diego schedule lightens the load, makes room for more connection, and extends valuable learning opportunities

Full programme

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