Discussing Holonomic Thinking at Sustainable Brands San Diego

Maria and I got back home safely yesterday to São Paulo after an epic 48 hour journey with an aborted take-off, a cancelled flight, an unscheduled stay in downtown San Diego and a diversion via Brasilia. But it was all worth while and we both had a very amazing time, not just running our workshop on Holonomic Thinking, Leadership and Systems Thinking, but in catching up with old friends and meeting many new friends as well.

Photo: Linda Peia

Photo: Linda Peia

Linda Peia, an innovation expert and member of Ashoka’s Latin American team, has written a wonderful write-up of our workshop which you can read here: The Key to Transformational Change Leadership? Holonomic Thinking

Credit: Sustainable Brands

Credit: Sustainable Brands

In a few days’ time a recording of our workshop and slides should be available on Sustainable Brands so I will let you know when they are up. I will also be writing a review of the event with some of the many highlights too in the coming days.

Overall it was an incredible four days in San Diego with some brilliant people in a beautiful location discussing many inspiring projects, visions and initiatives. Congratulations to the whole Sustainable Brands team for hosting such an amazing event.

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  1. From one saint’s town to another and back again takes a long time, depending on your choice of saints.

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