The Launch of ‘Ten Tips for Those Who Wish to Change the World’

Conteúdo Sustentável (Sustainability Know-How) are a new organisation which was created to help create, curate and make available knowledge and best-practices to help businesses develop their sustainability programmes and initiatives.

As part of their work, this week they launched their free eBook 10 Dicas Para Quem Quer Mudar O Mundo (10 Tips for Those Who Wish to Change the World).

You can download a copy here.

10 Dicas Para Quem Quer Mudar O MundoAs author Janet Carolina writes in her preface, many people think that changing the world is a utopian ideal. We can change the world when we start with ourselves and our world, and so this book was written for like-minded people to help plan and offer practical tips and advice on where and how to start.

Maria was invited to write the preface, and she did so as she believes that “the work which Conteúdo Sustentável have been carrying out is of utmost importance in this special moment we are living, in transition to a better world”.

As well as their website and blog, Conteúdo Sustentável also have a Youtube channel where they will be releasing many informative videos, such as this one which is a contemplation on what being sustainable means.

Maria in the preface describes her own definition of sustainability:

For me it means “quality in each and every relationship”. Thus, to be sustainable means to relate to the quality of your relationship with others, with nature, with your work, and, especially with yourself. In this sense, the individual is at the centre, the origin of relationships, being the unique and most important person responsible for every action and consequence.

This book starts with a single step – seeing beyond – which really resonates with the dynamic way of seeing we write about in our own book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter. So for those of you who are Portuguese speakers looking to put transition into practice, it is a wonderful, compact but powerful read.

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