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Maria and I had a very enjoyable week this week at Sustainable Brands Rio. This was our third Sustainable Brands event, having presented the opening plenary at Sustainable Brands London last year, and running our Holonomics workshop this year at Sustainable Brands San Diego.

So it was great to be able to catch up with friends and bring Holonomics to Rio de Janiero, a city which I was visiting for the first time. Our workshop was on the Wednesday morning, and it was a jam-packed room of almost 100 people, quite intense of course, but full of energy and humour too.

Sustainable Brands Rio

Sustainable Brands Rio

In our workshop, we focused on how Holonomics and holonomic thinking facilitates profound organisational change. While phrases such as conscious capitalism are now entering the business lexicon, and companies which are now focusing on developing their purpose are delivering real and substantial financial returns, the reality is that the majority of organisations are still struggling to implement change programmes which have a lasting impact.

So Maria and I dealt with this issue head on. Discussing sustainability does not automatically dissolve raging egos, and so we discussed the dynamics of seeing, our concept of knotworks – networks with ego, human values, humility, the four qualities of thinking (earth, water, air and fire) and customer experiences with soul – a term I coined this year to discuss the need to go way beyond just delivering great customer experiences.

Our slides are usually illustrative, with little text, and so I thought I would share our slides as a slidedoc (which you can see here at the top of this article), with added commentary so that the illustrations actually make sense and are explained.

Época NegóciosOn Tuesday the Brazilian monthly business magazine Época Negócios published an interview with Maria and I about Holonomics, as part of their Paths to the Future series which is examining sustainable innovation. The interview, which is in Portuguese, is here: Humildade é fundamental para ser um líder sustentável (Humility is fundamental for sustainable leadership).

I also recorded a short video explaining how the foundation of Holonomics is the expansion of consciousness, which you can see here:

As well as our workshop it was great to hear about the many other projects and initiatives which people presented and discussed, as well as catch up with friends again. Maria and I first met Thomas Kolster, author of the excellent Goodvertising in London last year, and we spent a long time discussing the intersection of Holonomics and his own work in advertising and branding.

Maria, Thomas and Simon

Maria, Thomas and Simon

We also loved speaking with Sirikul Laukaikul, who like us was also at Sustainable Brands San Diego, and who discusses the way in which Buddhism can help change corporate mindsets.

Photo: Simon Robinson

Photo: Simon Robinson

Another fantastic presentation for both of us came from Estevão Ciavata, executive director of Pindorama, the television company behind the very brilliant programme Um Pé de Que?, which I wrote about recently (see In Praise of Regina Casé – Exploring Brazil One Tree at a Time).

Estevão Ciavata

Estevão Ciavata

And of course both Maria and I loved catching up with KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, founder of the Sustainable Brands network. KoAnn has been quite inspirational in the way in which she and her team have built Sustainable Brands into one of the most important global communities working on sustainable business, and it is great to see that next week Sustainable Brands will be running again in Buenos Aires bringing together 1,000 practitioners, thinkers and brands.

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