Ego, Leadership, Holonomics and the Shift into Eco-Consciouness

Credit: Robert Parish

Credit: Robert Parish

I very much enjoyed a hangout I had today with my friends Bonnie Baker and Paul Schmidt from the Green Spa Network. In this hangout we discuss Holonomics in detail, allowing me to explore some of the aspects that I am not always able to get into in the space of a keynote for example.

In this conversation we discuss the dynamics of seeing, wholeness and consciousness in indigenous and ancient cultures, Goethean science, the act of distinguishing/relating, and place these discussions in the context of leadership, ego, creativity, sustainability and mindfulness. I hope you find it interesting.

2 responses to “Ego, Leadership, Holonomics and the Shift into Eco-Consciouness

  1. Great conversation over important issues, indigenous ideas and active imaginings. Your observations on the relationships of parts and the whole as well as the dynamics of individuals and community approached via Goethean participatory perception is spot on for GSN and sustainable Spa Cultures… Now just add The Waters and Dreamings to this conscious creative cauldron and watch where sustainable souls soar…

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