Forgiveness and Redemption

I know my last couple of articles have gone deep into the shadow side of human nature. I had to write about these things since when I see superficial articles, it bugs me a little when people don’t have the ability to “go there” and really speak a deeper truth, a truth which may at first be painful to confront, but which if approached with a positive mindset, can be cathartic, healing and allow us to make genuine progress in life.

I’d to finish Transition Consciousness this year with a continuing look at the soap opera Além do Tempo of which I have already written a couple of times, and which is breaking new ground with its storyline which deals with karma across generations and across souls.

Over the last couple of episodes I watched a scene play out which if not a first, must have been portrayed just a handful of times. In this scene, Bento has been reduced to sleeping in the woods, having lost his fortune and separated from his wife. He has hit an all time low, and while having attempted to give up alcohol and win back the heart of Rosa, it appears that no one can help him now.

The master, a spiritual guide from the angelic realm seeks him and wakes him up. He suggests to Bento that they walk to his shack in the woods, where he makes a strong cup of healing herbal tea, and lets Bento know that he aware of what happened in his childhood.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.09.07

Além do Tempo

The tea is full of natural herbs from the woods. As the master says, nature has all the natural medicines people need to be healed.

Bento has a sleep on the sofa, and as he wakes up, he finds the courage to admit to the master that he has suffered so much in this life because as a nine year old he was responsible for the death of his mother.

The master asks Bento to think again, and Bento goes back in his memory to recall what had really happened.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.11.28

Além do Tempo

We see a young Bento hiding behind the curtains as his parents argue viciously. His mother is confronting his father about an affair he had been having which resulted in the birth of an illegitimate child.

Bento runs out from behind the curtains and attempts to stop his father from attacking his mother, but of course it is in vain.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.27.07

Além do Tempo

All this time Bento is suffering the agonising pain of recalling these memories, but he continues.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.28.26

Além do Tempo

Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos has been fantastic in this role, not only portraying a genuinely fierce and vengeful villain as the first incarnation of Bento, but also playing a protagonist fighting his demons and desperately seeking peace late in his life after recognising how much hurt and pain he caused for his wife and daughter.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.29.58

Além do Tempo

I really can’t think of seeing such a powerful healing scene played like this in a soap opera before. Normally good guys are good guys and bad guys are bad guys, and no one ever evolves, develops, or finds such powerful redemption.

As the master tells Bento, he has been mistaken all these years for believing that it was he who was responsible for the death of his mother, and so all he has to do now is forgive himself. In real life, healing sessions such as this would be unlikely to happen in a single session, but we will allow Além do Tempo the artistic license it needs. Again, this soap opera has far exceed my expectations, and I know that many watching will have found solace in this scene.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.39.45

Além do Tempo

The opening scene from the following episode starts with Bento alone by the side of a lake, and he remembers the masters words – it only depends on yourself.

Screen shot 2015-12-21 at 17.42.26

Além do Tempo

This is another one of Além do Tempo’s scenes without dialogue, and the lifting of emotional weight off Bento’s shoulders is palpable. He enters the water, and for the first time in so many years, he is present, alive, feeling renewed, with a new life force inside of him.

This is a scene which stays with you, resonates inside of you, and I really feel compelled to congratulate Vasconcelos for such a powerful yet sensitive portrayal. As he returns to the house of Rosa, his wife, he tells her and his daughter that he has found a new apartment, small but sufficient, and that he really feels that he has all he needs to turn his life around, and for them to become proud of him once more.

They have been there for him with love through all his troubles, and he can now recognise their support and be truly grateful. Rosa, who we suspect never lost her feelings for him even though his behaviour had been insufferable, says to him that it is as if he is a new person, that something has changed, and Bernardo, his half brother who had been at logger heads also remarks that it is as if a miracle has taken place.

You know, we often meet insufferable people, but really, the solutions are to be found inside of ourselves. When we end up judging others, it is often a sign that something is lacking inside of ourselves that we are seeing, or projecting on to others.

Of course sometimes when we have a certain degree of wisdom, we can see the actions and behaviours of others in ways in which they can not see in themselves, and this also applies to those who may be causing us harm behind the scenes, or scenes which they think we may not know about but through one way or another, we eventually find out about.

So all we have to do to find our own redemption is to forgive ourselves. We do suffer as children and this suffering can continue at the hands of others into our adulthood. Maybe nothing so severe as experienced by Bento, but attacks, as I have written about, can take place in the most surreptitious of ways.

As Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth, “there’s daggers in those smiles”.

So peace to you all, have a wonderful Christmas, may you all find peace, truth and love, as you walk your walks and move ever closer to achieving your amazing visions.

Cheers and see you in 2016.



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