The New Brazilian Way

If you live outside of Brazil the chances are that the news you are reading about this country is either about corruption, the zika virus or problems with the Olympic Games. Brazil is certainly experiencing a monumentally turbulent time in its history, with many factors contributing to its political, social, economic and environmental problems, including systemic and endemic corruption on a vast scale.

Screen shot 2016-05-01 at 09.12.38

Thomas Giordano (17) and Pedro Oliveira (18) are two young Brazilians who have had enough of what is often referred to as the jeitinho brasileiro – a phrase which can be translated as the Brazilian way of doing things. This phrase often has negative connotations, referring to more petty forms of corruption which are a part of daily life here.

Thomas and Pedro decided to set up a new inspirational initiative O Novo Jeitinho Brasileiro (The New Brazilian Way) and this week I had the opportunity to hear a presentation from Thomas and to speak to them both about their project, their manifesto and their dream of a better Brazil. The interview is in English and you can watch it here:

You can follow the project on their Facebook page here:

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