Smart Ecologies

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 08.01.21

Credit: Exile Leadership

The picture above comes from a new set of slides describing Smart Ecologies, which is a framework + platform which provides stable alternatives to evolving business and economic systems.

Smart Ecologies is a concept created by our friends and partners at Exile Leadership, and as you can see in the quote above, within the concept is the essence of Holonomics. Smart Ecologies is a fantastic example of Holonomics in practice, with Gunther Sonnenfeld summarising the vision as:

  • creating new, regenerative assets & asset classes (resource pools)
  • enabling the development of new, adaptive vocational skills
  • giving entrepreneurs an array of options to capitalize & iterate their ideas
  • giving corporate & institutional stakeholders new opportunities to innovate at sustained levels of ‘growth’ & ‘scale’
  • offering companies & co-operatives of various profile types alternative finance & governance models
  • creating restorative & adaptive infrastructures (food, water, energy, media, education, etc.)
  • helping people develop sustained relationships with their inner power & higher purpose

Source: Smart Ecologies: a way to build a truly sustainable economy

You can find out more in the following presentation:

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