Jan Höglund Tweets The Wholeness of Nature

Jan Höglund has over 30 years of experience in software development and he is also an extremely well-regarded thinker on how we can find better ways of working together. He is also greatly respected for his analysis and writings on Sociocracy.

Henri Bortoft at Schumacher College

Henri Bortoft at Schumacher College

Jan also writes many book reviews each year, and in addition to these he often tweets quotes from the books as he is reading them. He has recently been reading Henri Bortoft’s The Wholeness of Nature which needs no introduction to regular readers of my blog or those of you who have read Holonomics.

Previously in 2013 Jan tweeted a number of quotes from both The Wholeness of Nature and Henri’s final book Taking Appearance Seriously which I captured in my article Henri Bortoft in His Own Words. However, Jan has returned to The Wholeness of Nature, a book which rewards multiple reads over a number of years, and so I again I decided to capture Jan’s new tweets in this new blog.

The Wholeness of Nature

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