Registration opens today for Capra Course September 2016

Capra Course

I am delighted to announce that registration opens today for the Autumn edition of Fritjof Capra’s Capra Course. This course is based on Fritjof’s latest book The Systems View of Life and has been designed to give you the conceptual tools to understand the nature of our systemic problems and to recognize the systemic solutions that are being developed by individuals and organizations around the world.

Fritjof Capra Capra Course

The first edition of Capra Course opened in April of this year, with last week being the final week of lectures. The course remains open for another four weeks, giving participants sixteen weeks of discussion with Fritjof on the forums.

Fritjof shared this message with the 200 participants who had joined him from over 30 countries around the world:

For me, this was my first experience of an online course, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I found the discussions in the Forum highly stimulating and much more substantial than the ones I am used to in live classes, because both yourselves and I had much more time to formulate our comments/questions/responses; we could look up references before posting our comments and include relevant links in our posts.

From the beginning of planning the Capra Course, one of Fritjof’s goals has been to, eventually, build up a global network of individuals and institutions who explore, practice, and teach the systems view of life. All participants from each Capra Course will automatically be given access to the Capra Course alumni network which will allow you to carry on conversations not only with your current group of participants, but also with those people who have already participated in other versions.

In addition to an alumni forum where you can discuss topics related to the course and the systems view of life, we are hoping to introduce the following additional features:

  • participant map (showing where you are based);
  • find a participant by name and interest area (search function);
  • participant groups (You will be able to define these groups in terms of gatherings of members, posts, and any other content you create.)

Following his participation in the Spring edition of Capra Course, Jared Babula from California shared these thoughts with us:

Imagine reading Silent Spring, On the Origin of Species or other important works, then having an opportunity to participate in a series of lectors with Rachael Carson or Charles Darwin. The Systems View of Life -A Unifying Vision is a landmark work that is a must read for anybody who finds the current trajectory of human society and the environment troubling. The opportunity to participate in lectures and thoughtful discussions with Professor Capra and students from around the world simply cannot be missed. I highly recommend the course no matter what your background or training is.

As friends of Fritjof Maria and I were invited to join him at the recording sessions of the lectures for the course which took place in São Paulo early last year. Following these recordings Fritjof invited me to join the Capra Course team first helping to develop the platform and then become the course manager, helping to develop the alumni network and expanding the course into organisations and universities. It has been a great pleasure to spend the last few months with such inspirational participants who came from a widely diverse range of backgrounds but who are all instigating profound systemic change in their professions, places of work and social and environmental projects.

We limited the number of participants to 200 in order to ensure that Frirjof could provide each individual with personal attention, answering their questions and developing deep conversations about the themes of the lectures each week. We anticipate that the fall edition of the course is equally likely to fill up, and so if you are interested in taking part, please do take a look at the course website where you will find further information:

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