Can We Talk About Soul in Business?


This coming Thursday I will be discussing Customer Experiences with Soul at the online summit SOS Lierança (SOS Leadership). My talk is in English with Portuguese subtitles.

I will be asking questions such as where do we find the sacred in selling, and have we lost a sense of what it means to be truly in service to someone? Where is soul in our daily transactions?

Although the website is in Portuguese, it’s simply to sign up free to hear my talk, which will be at 6pm on the 25th.

Go to and then click on this subscribe link:

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 15.37.23

You’ll then see this box where all you need to do is add your name and email address. You’ll be sent a link via email to confirm your subscription.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 15.39.27

That’s it! I hope some of you will be able to join us this coming week. And for those of you who speak Portuguese, there are many other incredible talks including one from Maria who will be discussing Holonomics and strategic vision.


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